There’s A Reason Democrats Are Screaming About Conspiracies

Derek Hunter, October 10, 2019

Liberals always have a “racist” or “sexist” round chambered, ready to be fired whenever anyone says something in opposition to their will. Oppose a government takeover of the health care industry? Racist. Don’t believe Brett Kavanaugh ran a rape gang as a high school kid? Sexist. You name it, Democrats have a readymade retort set to go. Now, with their latest delusion – the idea that President Trump was using U.S. aid to Ukraine to force them to “manufacture dirt” against Joe Biden – they have added a new comeback: conspiracy theory.

It’s a term used to dismiss anything inconvenient to the left, and paint anyone questioning their orthodoxy as a loon.

Believe, after years of anonymous sources leaking cherry-picked snippets of information to select Democrats in the media, that there is a group of people in the government actively working to undermine the Trump administration? You might as well believe the moon landing was filmed on a Hollywood soundstage.

People lash out when they have nothing left with which to make their case. For Democrats, that’s become so soon in a debate that an attack is often the first thing out of their mouths. For the entirety of the Obama administration, opposition to his policies and executive orders were denounced as racist so routinely the charge lost all meaning. Not believing the president of the United States could rewrite immigration law with the stroke of his pen (a position Obama held for years, right up until the point he did it) was not greeted with a rationale for the move but cries of bigotry.

The reason you can’t have a political debate with a Democrat is they have no basis for their actions and policies beyond they want them. The same goes for this “impeachment inquiry.”

Last week, the Washington Post declared “Government-by-conspiracy-theory rides again.” In that piece, “national correspondent” Phil Bump decried any investigation into how the Russian hoax investigation came into being. He wrote that Attorney General “Barr’s efforts are in service to a sprawling conspiracy theory targeting Barr’s own organization along with other components of the U.S. intelligence community. In other words, Barr is asking foreign countries to dig around for evidence of malfeasance by U.S. agencies.”

After two years of “Trump is a Russian puppet” having been found untrue, Democrats have no business calling anything a conspiracy. They’d built up Robert Mueller to walk on water, that their dreams sank with his report pushed them over the edge.

The Russian hoax was the ultimate conspiracy, and it was perpetrated by Democrats. There wasn’t one journalist at these liberal outlets who’d even entertain the idea that the Trump campaign was anything but guilty. Discussions on cable news were not about “what if” it were true, they were about what it being true would mean and where it would lead.

The president was dec

The Left to America's Children: Your Past Is Terrible, And Your Future Is Terrible

Dennis Prager, October 10, 2019

A rule of life is that everything the left touches it ruins: art, music, Christianity, Judaism, race relations, male-female relations, universities, high schools, elementary schools, late-night comedy, sports, liberty, journalism, the Boy Scouts, national economies, language and everything else it influences.

The left, not liberalism. (I have written a column and done a PragerU video on the differences between liberalism and leftism.)

To this list, we can now add childhood and children.

1. The left robs children of their innocence and has helped produce an unprecedented number of anxious and depressed young people.

Most of us are aware of how the left prematurely introduced sexuality into young children's lives under the guise of "sex education." That was just the beginning. Then the left changed same-sex college dorms, which had been the norm throughout American history, into coed dorms on virtually every American campus. Then came coed bathrooms. And just in case college students were not thinking about -- or having enough -- sex, the left introduced sex columns in college newspapers and "sex week" on virtually every college campus. One is more graphic than the other. After reading a college newspaper sex column or experiencing the college's sex week, a student could easily conclude that without having experienced a menage a trois and mastering cunnilingus or fellatio techniques, life is neither exciting nor fulfilling.

There are many reasons a greater percentage of college students are more depressed than ever before. But the immersion in loveless and romance-less sex is undoubtedly one of them. That is what contributes to the especially high rate of female depression on campuses.

The left hypersexualized colleges and now laments that colleges are all filled with a "rape culture."

2. The left has devalued marriage.

An unprecedentedly large percentage of young Americans are not married, and more of them than ever do not consider marriage important. The left has indoctrinated a generation (or two) of young Americans into believing that marriage is unimportant -- career alone is the road to a meaningful life for both men and women. Throughout American history, until the left took over the culture and universities beginning in the 1960s, it was a given, as Frank Sinatra sang, that "love and marriage ... go together like a horse and carriage."

3. The left has devalued having children.

The left is ambivalent and often hostile to people having children. That's why people on the left have the fewest children of all political and religious groups.

The latest reason not to have children is that much of humanity is doomed if global warming is not immediately reversed. But since the 1970s, the left has offered other reasons not to have children including that the world would not produce nearly enough food and other basic resources to sustain the growing world population. Thus began the zero population growth (ZPG) movement.

But the left's ambivalence over having children isn't just hysteria over too many people, lack of food or global warming. Many people on the left (again, unlike liberals or conservatives) just don't particularly want kids. Children are a nuisance: They interfere with one's career; they cost too much; and dogs and cats are perfectly acceptable substitutes.

In sum, the left doesn't particularly like children.

4. The left is ruining the childhood of many children by depriving them of the joys and excitement of growing into men and women. The left has invented a new idea in history: that human beings are not born male or female but are "assigned" their sex at birth by sexist parents, physicians and a society that is not yet "woke" to this "fact." In schools throughout America, teachers are told to no longer call their students "boys" and "girls," just "students," lest they impose a gender identity on them. Mattel has released a doll that has no gender. A New York Times columnist whose photo shows him with a beard has requested that his readers refer to him only as "they," as he believes gender is useless. Teenage girls who declare themselves boys are allowed to have their breasts surgically removed without their parents' permission. Divorced parents who tell their 5-year-old male child who feels he is a girl that he is a boy risk losing custody or parental rights if the other parent affirms the child is a girl. Girls who compete in sports against boys who identify as females and complain that they lose unfairly are attacked as "transphobic."

5. The left has convinced innumerable young Americans that their past is terrible and their future is terrible.

The left tells American children that their past -- the American past -- is shameful and their future is even worse: They will likely die prematurely as a result of global warming.

Whatever the left touches it ruins. The latest example is children.

Editors Corner 

I was shopping in the Food Lion this week when a stranger walked up to me and ask me if that was my Black golf cart parked out in the parking lot? I answered him with a positive yes and told him that I used the cart for all of the shopping I could do. He said; he and his family had just moved into Locust and wanted to know how if he could get a cart and do the same? I told him my name and where I lived. I ask him his name and where he lived? When he told me Locust Town Center, I advised him that he needed go by the Locust City Hall and bring proof of insurance pay his twenty dollars and get a sticker and he was in business. He ask how to get from his house to the Food Lion and I told him to use the sidewalk. I also advised him that the city is going to put a road from the Locust Town Center to the Food Lion as soon as funds are available. He began asking about other places around town and I said use city streets and sidewalks. I told him to go on line and search for  the and scan down the page until he found the information on the rules and regulations for golf carts, there is a link for a map where cart traffic was legal in Locust. He thanked me for the information.