Impeachment Week: It's OK to Be Bored; Not OK to Be White

Ann Coulter, January 23, 2020

It's weeks like this that make me wish I had a job and didn't have to stay home watching TV. With the impeachment nonsense dragging into its 56th month, I have some random observations, only a few of which have anything to do with impeachment.

1) As tempting as it must be for Republican senators to make a headlong rush to the TV cameras at the conclusion of the day's festivities, they would be well advised to say this, and only this, each night:

Here are the vital issues the United States Congress did NOT address today:

-- Repairing our highways, bridges and border with a major infrastructure bill.

-- Ensuring that all Americans can get jobs by cutting off the deluge of cheap foreign labor.

-- Providing the public with quality services by not inviting the rest of the world to come partake of government benefits meant for Americans.

-- Fixing the disaster of Obamacare, so that all Americans have access to quality health care (by activating the same mechanisms that give them quality food, housing and iPhones: the free market, contract law and occasional government subsidies).

-- Passing a bill to defund all the pointless, expensive military deployments around the globe, so we can FINALLY address the hellfires in our own hemisphere.

-- Ending the opioid crisis by declaring war on Mexican drug cartels and building a wall.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should attach electrodes to the testicles of every Republican and blast him the moment he (OR SHE!) diverges from the script.

2) The person I really feel sorry for is Nancy Pelosi. I assume she's weeping uncontrollably as she watches her chances of holding the speakership dwindle every time Jerry Nadler waddles to the mic. True, you "go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want," as Donald Rumsfeld said, but surely there are more telegenic Democrats than Nadler and Adam Schiff.

3) Every day since forever, The New York Times has run a column about how white people are getting on African Americans' last nerve.

On Monday of this week, it was "How Much Racism Do You Face Every Day?"

Average for black teenager: 5x a day.

Example: Hearing about a family member who experiences something they described as racial discrimination.

And here's one from Tuesday, titled: "How to Convince a White Realtor You're Middle Class; Black people expend daily energy to counteract racial stereotypes and get fair treatment."

The examples included a white real estate agent asking a slatternly attired black woman if she could afford a specific house, and a black woman claiming she was required to sign a "no party" pledge before checking into a Portland, Oregon, Marriott.

Also since forever, whites have been trying not to offend. Thus, on the same day as the racial stereotypes column, the Times ran an article about white Iowa voters terrified of picking a Democratic nominee whom black people won't like.

It's useless. No matter how hard they try, whites just can't stop offending black people with their damned "microaggressions."

My thought is, anyone of any race can commit "microaggressions" against people of other races. What we all should endeavor to do is avoid macro-aggressions -- you know, little things like murder, rape, assault and carjacking.

4) Last week, 20-foot-tall letters appeared on the side of a barn in Southport, England, spelling out the phrase: "IT'S OK TO BE WHITE." British papers went on red alert, denouncing the "[r]acist and anti-ethnic graffiti" that "[s]hocked" and "appalled" residents.

We understand and deeply apologize for such monstrous racism. Would any of these variants pass legal muster?

-- It might be acceptable to be white, but we're not sure, we'll get back to you.

-- While it is certainly never OK to be white, we hope you will accept our deepest apology.

-- Whiteness is not for everybody, but to say it's 'OK' to be white is not who we are.

If none of these are acceptable, please rest assured, we don't mean to offend. Apologies all around! We're all staying late at the office to figure this out. Food is being sent in as we speak ...

At least we won't have to watch impeachment news.

Gov. Northam and Liberal Media Seem Disappointed That Virginia Gun Rally Was Peaceful

Sheriff David Clark (Ret), January 23, 2020

The cafeteria food fight, also known as the Senate impeachment trial, is underway. I, like most Americans outside the Beltway and the political bubble, know this is like watching a movie where you already know the ending. Trump will rightfully be acquitted. The Democrats do not realize that America is tired of their political antics and high drama tactics. I mean come on, they walked over the articles of impeachment like a bunch of mopes, feigning seriousness, while many Americans either yawned or laughed. 

The rest of the country is more interested in what happened recently in the gun-grabbing Commonwealth of Virginia. 

The Virginia midterm wins allowed Democrats to take over the House of Delegates, and after the previous election cycle wins, they now control all of the state government. They promised gun control, and they are delivering on that promise. However, they are moving stealthy, one step at a time, toward gun confiscation. These new proposals are designed to frustrate and create hurdles for people who want to exercise their Second Amendment rights. To me, these laws are similar to what Democrats did when they drafted the Black Codes to frustrate newly freed slaves in the South from exercising their constitutional rights. One of those codes restricted blacks from owning firearms or for people to sell them guns. Another tactic Democrats used that frustrated blacks attempting to vote came in the form of a poll tax. As you can see, there is a parallel here with the tactics Democrats used against newly freed slaves and current tactics used against gun owners. 

Pay attention, folks. These gun restriction laws won’t stop at Virginia, and will likely be coming to a state near you. How ironic that the gun rally was held on Reverend Martin Luther King’s birthday celebration. King had been denied a concealed carry permit.

The response from some brave residents of Virginia is encouraging, however. Pro-Constitution, pro-Second Amendment patriots are rising up and are pushing back, fighting as Democrats do. More importantly, they are using tactics that Democrats think are reserved only for them. I have been encouraging and waiting for this moment for a long time. I have written about the need for a new kind of conservative political fighter for the battles of the 21st century. Forget about the establishment GOP. They don’t have the fight in them. I have encouraged people all across this country that if they want to preserve this great republic, they, like the Founding Fathers, are going to have to fight to keep it and to rescue it from the damage that already occurred during the Obama regime.

The idea of sanctuary city status started with the Democrats and their liberal ilk by fighting the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution and the federal government’s attempt to enforce its immigration laws. I didn’t see, unfortunately, any attempt by the feds to apply 8 USC 1324 that calls for criminal penalties for whoever knowingly provides safe harbor for illegal aliens. Now that gun rights supporters are using the sanctuary status to in an effort to block their state from enacting restrictive gun ownership, the Democrat Governor Blackface/KKK Ralph Northam in Virginia is going after these counties by declaring a state of emergency and using some bogus intelligence reports that had no connection to the event to legitimize it. The FBI quickly arrested a few white nationalists who didn’t even live in Virginia, and they gave us no information that these goofs were preparing to descend on the Virginia capital for the rally. If the FBI had been as attentive to the 9-11 hijackers, the Tsarnaev brothers who blew up the Boston Marathon, Omar Mateen from the Orlando nightclub massacre, and Nidal Hasan in Fort Hood Texas—all people known to them—countless Americans would be alive today. Maybe they don’t know the difference between a real threat and a manufactured threat.

Make no mistake what is going on here. This is a flat out provocation by Gov. Blackface. It’s an act of intimidation. He is trying to create a chilling effect against citizens exercising their right to assemble peaceably and petition state government. He is manufacturing hysteria. It is as if he wants a confrontation so he can show the country how dangerous and deranged gun owners are and that they need to be disarmed. It was his former Alabama Governor George Wallace standing in the school house door moment to prevent school desegregation. 

The liberal news media played their predictable role, too, with their sky-is-falling headlines leading up to the event. They all hyped that trouble was inevitable. Here is a sample headline. USA Today: Richmond Virginia Gun Rally, Protests Draws Militias and Fear of Violence. Now read the headlines after the event, and you get a sense of the liberal media’s disappointment. CNN: Virginia Gun-rights Rally Concludes Peacefully Despite Earlier Fears of Extremist Violence. Washington Post: Virginia Pro-Gun Rally, Despite Anger, Threats of Insurrection, Massive Rally is Carried Out Peacefully. And this from Politico: Pro-Gun Rally by Thousands in Virginia Ends Peacefully. While you feel the disappointment in these headlines that no trouble occurred, the media doesn’t hold such perceptions of leftist radical groups like ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter rioters. Why? We all know that answer. 

So the event went on in an orderly way. I knew it would. So did Governor Blackface and his propaganda machine known as the liberal media. But they couldn’t resist the opportunity to smear supporters of the Second Amendment with his pre-event, hysteria-filled narrative.

I hope that other states organize a critical mass of people who support the Constitution, all of it not just a few self-serving pieces of it, and that we will push back against their attempt to remake America. It is time to show Democrats and the left that we will do unto them as they do unto us. #RiseUp.


Editors Corner 

I watched the Impeachment Trial yesterday for as long as I could stand it. Speaking for myself, this address is for all of the bleeding heart liberal leftest Socialist Go to Hell Democrats. I don't care who President Trump talked to or what he said. What I care about is the strong economy this country has, low employment and good paying jobs and keeping your sticky fingers out of my wallet. All you Democrats and your feel good policies contribute to this country is more debt with your half baked schemes on how to sucker more people into “Freebie Giveaway Programs” at my expense. What I call it is buying votes. Some of the poorest voting districts in this country are controlled by you and your failed promises. If you are so concerned with social engineering get your ass on an airplane and go the Cuba! You will be right at home.

Up Date

Today as I have checked my AOL e-mail from time to time I notice the liberal press expressing dire consequences for Republican Senators who vote to dismiss the Impeachment charges so prescribed by the Democratic controlled House against President Trump, I would suggest to the liberal media that it's not the Republican Senators who should worry but the whole Democrat Party that is fixing to have a foot shoved up its anal orifice. You reporters would do well to cease snorting the nose candy and take off the rose colored glasses and join the real world before the November elections when as we say in the South “ A GOOD OLE ASS KICKING” is going to send the Democrat Party packing!