Why Wouldn't They Cheat?

Larry O'Connor, November 19, 2020

Why wouldn't Democrats use any possible means at their disposal to remove Donald Trump from the White House? It makes perfect, logical sense, doesn't it?

This column is not a listing of all the evidence supporting the Trump campaign's legal arguments that anonymous election officials worked behind closed doors to game their state's balloting systems so that mail-in votes would put their preferred candidate, Joe Biden, into the White House. Making that argument is not my job, and the Trump campaign has a whole host of attorneys putting together legal arguments to handle that task.

Instead, my intention is to respond to the incredulous, astounded, and sanctimonious voices in the legacy media, Democratic leadership, and, sadly, the ranks of go-along-to-get-along Republican figures who would call you crazy for believing that any kind of election fraud could be at play in this extraordinary and historic post-election day ballot verification and counting process we are witnessing right now.

For the past five years, President Donald Trump has been casually referred to as corrupt, racist, incompetent, mentally unstable, treasonous, and illegitimate by the dominant voices in those three influential groups cited above: Legacy media, Democratic leadership, and go-along-to-get-along Republicans. Add to that list the dominant voices in mainstream culture, social media, big tech, and professional sports.

The zeitgeist of 2020 has been framed within the context of Donald Trump as our generation's Adolph Hitler. It's so casually said in academia and in the green rooms of cable news networks that it's almost controversial to object to the obscene characterization.

As a candidate, Joe Biden and his party stood for one major issue: To get rid of Donald Trump. It's all his party stood for from the moment Trump won the election four years ago.

From Russian collusion to the 25th Amendment to the Ukrainian phone call and on and on, their main objective has been not to resist Trump's policies but to remove Trump altogether.

In the campaign, Biden casually referred to his opponent, the president of the United States, as a racist, as an authoritarian, as incompetent, and as being responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Are we to believe that this party and this candidate wouldn't stoop to the age-old practice of ballot-box stuffing to get rid of this guy?

Honestly, to suggest they wouldn't cheat (knowing full well they could get away with it) is ignorant and downright insulting.

Of course, they would cheat if they could. Don't you even dare think otherwise.

In the meantime, could we please dispense with the shocked outrage over those of us who dare to believe that it is even remotely possible that cheating occurred? Democrats had motive, they had means, they had the opportunity, and they certainly have a history of this type of behavior.

The question for Trump's legal team is, can they find enough evidence to prove the matter in time?

Unify This!

Derek Hunter, November 18, 2020

I have to choke back laughter every time I hear some leftist whine about the country needing “unity” now that the election is over. I have a two word answer, though not the two words I’d like to use (which start with “f” and “y”): no thanks.

Listening to Democrats pretend to care about everyone, or as Joe Biden regularly reads off a teleprompter, “I will be President of all Americans,” really does make me sick. Given how these people have acted for at least the last 20 years, I’m down for anything Republicans do to oppose and thwart everything they attempt to get done, down to something as basic as renaming post offices. 

Remember who these people are, and what they’ve done. 

George W. Bush was “not my President,” they screamed. He was “selected, not elected!” He was the original reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, and progressive groups held conferences about “taking our country back,” as if a foreign enemy had invaded. Hillary Clinton famously barked, “I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

After the 2008 election, everything flipped on its head. Debate and disagreement was not only no longer patriotic, it was racist. Dissent was met with attacks, smears against the motives and characters of those engaging in it. Opposing the federalizing of health insurance became the new cross burning, pointing out how 5 million Americans lost their health insurance and tens of millions more ended up with plans so expensive and with deductibles so high they’d never actually get the benefit of insurance was a hate crime. 

Just like that, overnight the party of the anti-war movement embraced wars when Obama started them, no matter how irrelevant they were to our national security (Libya, anyone?). 

Everything was different, the rules changed without notice. If you held the position Barack Obama held just 4 years earlier on gay marriage, you suddenly became not only “wrong,” but a horrible homophobe who might as well have set fire to a gay bar after blocking the doors to prevent escape. 

How do you “unify” with that? And why would we want to?

Democrats are the al Qaeda of politics – they want you dead, so how do you negotiate or find common ground with that? You can’t, and they don’t really want to either, it just sounds nice. They want everyone to live the way Kamala Harris started her political career: on their knees.

I think we’ll pass.

It’s too late to reconcile. Four years of the Trump administration being under constant, false attacks for everything anyone could think of – from the Russia hoax to the emoluments clause – there is no going back. Compete and stern opposition is the new “norm” Democrats established, not us. If they don’t like the new normal, they have only themselves to blame.

But they don’t really regret the new normal, they only regret the prospect of being held to it themselves. 

A lot of Democrats, if you actually listen to them, have no interest in compromise or even getting along. Left-wing goons still attack Trump supporters on the street and the Democrat media still ignores it. Every pejorative term that can be flung is still being flung. The accusation of being a Nazi is so common from the left now that they casually toss it out there, as Christiane Amanpour did on CNN last week in a scripted show openly comparing the Trump administration to Kristallnacht (she did apologize, eventually). Why would you work with that?

No, I’m not interested in unity, not with that. I’m interested in victory. I’m interested in denying them victories, any victories on anything. I’m in favor of holding them to the same standards they set for everyone else, the same rules applying to them. And that, more than anything else, is what they absolutely do not want.

Democrats made this bed, they don’t get to order us to lie in it. If they want unity, first they must stop ripping the country apart and smearing anyone who won’t bow to their will, and then only maybe…but still probably not. 

Editors Corner

Well another week has gone by and we are no closer to resolving the out come of the election. To hear the mainstream media it's a done deal, but is it really? Apparently the Judaical Branch of government means nothing to them. Until all legal avenues have been exhausted the election out come has not been resolved. With each state setting the rules on how an election will be run raises many issues and red flags. If we are ever to reach an agreement on both sides of the Isle it has to be on one set of rules for all 50 states to follow. So to anyone who thinks election is over it's not.