The Mueller Report On Trump-Russia Collusion Isn’t Released…And The Liberal Media Is Already Melting Like Chernobyl

Matt Vespa, April 18,2019


Today is the day. It’s arrived. The report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is about to be released. Attorney General William Barr will host a press conference at 9:30 A.M EST. Congress will receive their copies of it at 11 A.M. President Trump could host his own presser after the attorney general concludes his event with the media. It’s going to be pandemonium. The allegations of Barr being a political operative will be flying. The Russian collusion myth peddlers will continue to triple-down. And the liberal media will once again eat crap. They will embarrass themselves. They will become a frothing mess—and it will be absolutely delicious to watch. Donald J. Trump is president. He will remain president. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Your two-year campaign has failed. Two words, snowflakes: Suck. It.  Yet, here’s a little taste of the media meltdown that occurred yesterday. If you have time to say a prayer, send some to the Newsbusters staff at the Media Research Center. They’re hard-working folks, the slayers of liberal media bias. But they’re going need a few novenas to get through the slobbering mess of progressive hysteria that’s about to strike all of us. But these folks are the ones who subject themselves to watching MSNBC so we don’t have to—and they nabbed some popcorn moments last night. The media is throwing a tantrum that they cannot use their anonymous sources, which have trash, to fan the flames of Kremlin hysteria. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews alluded to some “inside job” (via Newsbusters):

Was Hardball host Chris Matthews speaking to viewers Wednesday night from the past? Because it sure felt like Matthews had rewound back to March 22 because, just as things were on the day the Mueller report officially concluded, the mood of the MSNBC pundit was DEFCON-1 screeching all hour about how the Mueller report rollout “looks like an inside job.”
Along with his assembled guests, Matthews suggested, without evidence, that Attorney General Bill Barr has “not” been providing “the truth” about what Mueller found, Americans are “accepting this crapola” from Barr, and that congressional Democrats and their media allies have suffered a “weakening of the spine” in trying to destroy Trump.

Wallace presided over a whine session of her own:

As news broke Wednesday afternoon that Attorney General William Barr would be holding a press conference Thursday morning on the release of the Mueller report, MSNBC reporters and pundits began rending their garments over the announcement. Anchor Nicolle Wallace and her panel of journalist guests denounced the Justice Department chief for the supposed outrage of planning to take questions from the press.
This seems to me, and we don’t have this reported out just yet, to be a move that the President might think....will help shape the coverage of the Mueller report. This is extraordinary,” Wallace alarmingly declared as she reacted to the breaking news. Liberal Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson joined in the lamenting: “Yeah, it is extraordinary. But yeah, he wants to help – he wants to shape the coverage, he wants, as was said, to make it a partisan issue, and he wants to get out in front of it, if possible.”
Wallace warned:
But it’s no longer the Mueller report. It’s now the two guys, Barr and Rosenstein, who I’m told will join him, who put their finger on the scale and made the decision about obstruction that Mueller didn’t make, spinning the decision they made when they put the finger on the scale about obstruction, which Mueller wouldn’t do, the Mueller report. It’s no longer the release of the Mueller report, guys.

Guys, to quote Game of Thrones, winter has come. 

Major Contradiction: Air Head Kamala Harris Is Suddenly 'Regretting' A Law She Championed While California's AG

Beth Baumann, April 18,2019

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is one giant bag of contradictions, or political pandering, whichever you prefer. She's suddenly a gun owner despite years of attacking the Second Amendment and calling for stricter gun control laws. Now she's backpedaling on another issue: truancy  laws.

While she was California's Attorney General, Harris pushed for multiple bills to crack down on truancy.

As the chief law enforcement officer of the state, I’ve decided to make this a priority, because it is the law of California” that children attend school, Harris said when the bill was being introduced back in 2014. “Lacking an education, these children are more likely to end up unemployed and at risk of becoming involved in crime."

Under the law, school districts were required to submit a count of how many students were truant each year and the reasons associated with their absence. Boards were established to work with families to get kids to school and, as a last resort, parents would be taken to court over the truancies. 

Harris' reasoning for pushing the truancy law: those who are educated are less likely to commit crime. She'd rather see that money spent on education than the criminal system.

"A child going without an education is tantamount to a crime...Very little that happens in our society in terms of the systems we see in government is a surprise," Harris said back in 2014. "We act like it's a surprise, but it's not. Almost all of it is predictable. Instead of being reactive, this data will allow us to be preventive."

Now that she's running for president, she can't quite make up her mind about where she stands on the issue. On one hand, she's touting her record on her campaign website:

Kamala has worked intensively to protect children and students. She established California’s Bureau of Children’s Justice and fought to reduce elementary school truancy so that every child can exercise his or her right to an education. As Attorney General, Harris successfully sued predatory for-profit colleges that scammed students and veterans.

And in her autobiography, The Truths We Hold, released a few months ago, she talked about why she wanted to tackle the issue (page 121):

Instituting A Statewide Plan On Truancy Was Part Of The Reason I’d Run For The Office In The First Place. 
When I first started about attorney general, I told my executive team that I wanted to make elementary school truancy a top priority for my office. Those who didn’t know me must have thought I was joking. But those who had been with me for a while knew I wasn’t messing around. Indeed, instituting a statewide policy on truancy was part of the reason I’d run for the office in the first place.

During an interview on the "Pod Save America" podcast, Harris said she "regrets" what came of California's truancy law.

"When I was DA, we never sent a parent to jail," Harris said.

According to Harris, she analyzed data to see who homicide victims under 25 were and 90 percent were high school dropouts. 

"When I went to the school district, I learned that up to 40 percent of the chronically and habitually truant students were elementary school students missing 50, 60, up to 80 days a year of a 180-day school year," Harris said. 

She said the "system was failing the students" but the "services" she implemented increased school attendance by 30 percent and that the California penal code now says that a student who misses 10 percent or more of the school year is considered truant. 

Harris said the "unintended consequences" were parents being jailed, something she regrets.

My regret is that I have now heard stories where in some jurisdictions, DAs have criminalized the parents. And I regret that that has happened and the thought that anything that I did could have led to that, because that certainly was not the intention, never was the intention,” she said.

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