Flag Disposal


Take the flag to an organization that will dispose of the flag with proper ceremonies at your request for no charge. The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of America and the US Military provide this service.

You can dispose of the flag your self.  Find  a safe location.



Clear away any flammable debris.


Build a fire, such as a campfire or bonfire. Wait for the fire to reach a temperature that is hot enough to incinerate the entire flag, but not so intense that it may blow partially burnt flag particles out of the fire.


Fold the flag in the proper manner, which will leave it in the triangle shape.   Soak or coat the flag lightly in an accelerant, such as lighter fluid, to ensure a complete burn.


Place the folded flag on top of the fire. Watch to be sure that it is burned safely and completely.[1]  


Take a moment to respect the flag. You can salute the flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance or request a moment of silence.


Allow the fire to burn out, and then exercise proper fire safety protocols.