In Memory of J.B. Milano


Trip to Raleigh

We all had to be at school by 6:30 am to load on an activity bus bound for a a day trip to Raleigh to see the Capitol and other historical sites. John Milano my best buddy and I took our seats and the teachers gave us instructions and we were off on the old gas powered bus that would take an expected three hours to reach our destination. Thirty minutes into the trip the bus broke down somewhere on highway 49. The driver pulled into a store parking lot and raised the hood and worked on the thing until he got it fixed. Another hour went by and more trouble between Asheboro and Siler City we again pulled off the road and more banging under the hood before we got moving again. Thank goodness it was in May the weather was good and mild temperatures Finally after more than four hours we reached Raleigh tired but excited to see the sites.

We went to the Capitol building, state museum where we saw a bunch of historical stuff. We went back to the bus and ate our lunch a bag of ham and cheese sandwiches, apple, and orange aid. More site seeing and finally the trip back home to Charlotte. I don't remember how many of us were packed into the old bus, but it was packed with a bunch of tired and stinking children and teachers just wanting to get home. We had collected a collection of pamphlets and other stuff at the different sites. John had also confiscated several match books and a ashtray from the Governors Mansion. We got as far a Pittsboro when the old bus broke down again. We off loaded and went to bath room at the Esso Station while the driver worked on the bus. There was a red Coke machine and Lance cracker machine. We dug in our pockets for coins and got a coke and a pack of crackers. Finally after what seemed like hours we all boarded the old bus and headed west again. We saw the sunset some where between Asheboro and Richfield. I know we stopped in Mt. Pleasant and got gas and made another pit stop. Some of us fell asleep and others talked about the trip until we reached the bright lights of Charlotte. I don't remember the exact time we reached our school, but we were a happy bunch to be back home.

I don't know what happened to that old bus, but I can only hope someone stole it.