In Memory of J.B. Milano

Bingo Night

Every Thursday night Saint Anns Catholic Church had BINGO Night. Many folks in our neighborhood would walk over to play Bingo. It was a typical hot summer night and the church had air condition so a lot of folks just went to cool off and in return played Bingo. The air conditioner broke down that afternoon and the call went out for fans to be brought in to move air. John Milano my best buddy was instructed to carry a table fan down to the church. He stopped my house on his way. I told John that Gordon Blackmon had a squirrel cage blower fan that he had got from his dads barbershop after they put in a air conditioner at the shop. We walked next door and found Gordon in the garage working on one of his model airplanes. John explained that he was taking a fan to church because the air condition had broke and it was Bingo Night. Gordon said; he had a squirrel cage blower that he had mounted on a table that had wheels where he could roll it where he wanted. Gordon said that James Stokes dad worked on appliances had fixed it where it would run on 110 volt current so you could plug it in anywhere there was receptacle. John left the little table fan and we rolled Gordons blower fan down to the Church. That night Bingo started and as the crowd grew larger more fans were turned on until they started blowing fuses. Sister Bernice stepped in and said; we were using to much electricity. John ask her if he could plug in the blower fan and it could take place of a bunch of small fans. Sister Bernice thought that was a great idea and to little fans were unplugged. The blower fan was lifted up on the stage and pointed at the people playing Bingo. A extension cord was found and the blower powered up. Whoosh! All of those little red cardboard disc sitting on the Bingo cards starting blowing off and the people were screaming turning the fan off. When the dust settled John and I were escorted out with our blower fan by the Nuns trying to protect us from a lynching mob of mad Bingo players.