In Memory of J.B. Milano

What's That Smell ?

A tradition that goes back at least 75 years is the last beach trip for the long Labor Day weekend. The Milano family packed up the Caddy and headed for Myrtle Beach for one last fling at the beach before school started after labor day. While at the beach John and his brother David caught a big crab in one of the tidal pools that form at low tide. They decided make a pet out of the crab. The boys had stumbled across a big empty pickle jar in the trunk while helping their dad unload the suite cases at the motel room. David sent John back to get the jar. The crab was scooped up in their sand bucket and poured in the jar. The lid was sealed and the crab and jar where hidden in the trunk. Once home the boys would retrieve the jar and crab and give him some air. They would feed him bread and boloney. Well that night when the Milano family arrived at home the three kids in the back were sound asleep. Being good parents they walked them to their beds covered them up and unloaded the car. The pickle jar and crab were not discovered. Several days went by when a putrid odor began to omit from the car. Mr. Milano carried the car to the local Pure gas station and had it washed and asked the guys to wash it good under the car to remove the sand and something dead underneath it. The smell continued to grow stronger and Mr. Milano carried it to the Cadillac dealership for them to remove the awful smell. After the car was torn apart at the dealership the jar and rotten crab were found and removed. When he got home he questioned David and John about the rotten crab in the jar and they knew nothing and they stood by it. It took several months before the smell was totally gone.