Rodeo Days



In Memory of J.B. Milano

Girl Trouble

Doris Bolt lived down the street from my best friend John Milano. Doris was about a year older than John and I, but due to her birthday she started school in the same class as we did. We were in 6th grade and 12 years old. We were getting to the age where girls were becoming an interest to us. Doris on the other hand had more than an interest on boys, namely one boy John Milano. She was smitten with him and in turn he wasn't smitten with her or any other girl. She tried every trick in the book to get his attention. The more she tried the more he panicked. Finally enough was enough and a plan was hatched to rid himself of Doris Bolt. John caught a black snake and put it in a store box much like one that would be used for a sweater. We wrapped it with pretty paper and a card was placed on it with her name and left on her front porch. He signed it your secret admirer. Mrs. Bolt found the package and called Doris to the door and told her she had a secret admirer who had left her a present. The two opened the box only to discovery a very large black snake that flew out of the box and crawled under the living room sofa. Mrs. Bolt panicked and called her husband at work and screamed there was a large snake loose in their house. Mr. Bolt left work leaving black tire marks in the parking lot as he sped home. By the time he got home neighbors had gathered in the front yard trying to consul Mrs. Bolt and Doris. Mr. Bolt called the fire department and they came out. They in turn called the dog pound who sent a man out and he went in the house and caught the snake. The next item of business was a note left on her front porch from John signed Gloria advising her that John Milano was her property and to stay away from him or more gifts would be left on her front porch. The plan worked and from then on Doris Bolt went out of her way to avoid John.