In Memory of J.B. Milano


Thanks Giving Hunt

The Milano Klan were big hunters and Thanksgiving was a Red letter Day on their Calendar. Mr. Milano always took his two sons and several of their friends hunting. The rabbit dogs were loaded in their pens on his home made trailer and everybody packed in the Caddy for a days worth of Rabbit hunting. John had invited me and Lester Duckworth to the hunt. I had a single barrel 16 gauge shot gun, Lester had his grandfathers double barrel 20 gauge shot gun. We arrived down in Union County and Mr. Milano put us out around a big thicket. The dogs were turned loose in the thicket to chase the rabbits out. Sure enough the rabbits came out and shot guns went blazing. Several thickets were hunted and rabbits bagged. Around three o'clock we loaded up the dogs and headed home. When we got back the dogs were fed and put back in their pens. We started cleaning rabbits looking for shot gun pellets in their hides. I don't remember how many we cleaned, but I took two home with me. My mother didn't care for wild rabbit, but my dad did. The rabbits were cleaned and frozen. They would be eaten several weeks later. It was times like this that I think I miss the most these days. Now we go to grocery store buy a turkey or go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving.