In Memory of J.B. Milano

Castor's Revenge

John Milano's younger sister Janet was in the Girl Scouts. She choose making cookies as her next scout project. Mrs. Bevis was her scout Mother and gave Janet a receipt for sugar plum cookies. Janet came in after school and was told to wait on her mother who worked at Belks to come home and help her. Well she thought why wait I know how to make cookies and proceeded. Gathering the ingredients she discovered she needed oil for the pan to keep the cookies from sticking to it. After finding none in the kitchen she remembered seeing a bottle of castor oil in the medicine cabinet and retrieved the bottle. There were no instructions as to how much oil to use on the pan to keep the cookies from sticking. She thought more is better and the cookies can soak up the extra oil and no one would be the wiser. Shall we say the cookie dough was floating in castor oil when the cookie pan went in the oven. After the cookies were golden brown and cooling she called John to test her cookies. He was more than willing and grabbed a hand full at Janets objection. He went through those cookies faster than Sherman went through Atlanta. She ask him how they were? Not bad for your first batch of cookies Sis, he exclaimed. So the two of them polished off the rest. Lets say within hours the two of them played tag with the bathroom. When Mrs. Milano got home she found two of her three children had come down with a stomach virus and couldn't keep out of the bath room. She stayed out of work the next day as both John and Janet were in no shape to go to school. Questioning as to what had occurred proceeding the out break of the stomach virus she put two and two together and soon discovered the use of castro oil in the making of the cookies.