In Memory of J.B. Milano

Help Me I've Fallen and can't get up

One of the deadliest obstacles riding a bicycle at night with no light is the back yard clothesline. On a hot July night a group of us had gathered under the street light over on Haven Drive and as time neared to head home John Milano remembered he had left his ball glove lying in the backyard of the Corry house. The Corry house was on the way home to my house so four of us started towards the Corry house, Bobby and David Corry, John Milano, and myself. As usual we had the “Hammer Down” pedaling as hard as we could.. Upon arriving at the Corry house John Milano short cutted across the Penders front yard diving between their house and the Corry house to retrieve his ball glove. The three of us stayed on the street until we got to the Corry driveway where Bobby and David turned in. I went to the corner making my turn when I heard a scream omitting from the Corry backyard. I slammed on the brakes as my back tire slide on the payment to a stop. I dropped my bike looking across the Corry back yard watching Bobby and David running to the scream. I followed suite. There lay John Milano on the ground trying to get his wind back after being flung off the back of his bicycle when he hit Mrs. Corry's clothesline. Bobby told his younger brother David go get Mama I think John killed himself. Bobby and I raised John up into a sitting position as he slowly got his wind back. Mr. Corry came running with David in tow. What happened he screamed! John mustering all his strength could only mumble clothesline. After several minutes with his wind back John said; I didn't see the clothesline and it hit me in the chest throwing me off my bike. The old clothesline got stretched good that night and John got his glove and rode off in the darkness keeping an eye out for another clothesline.