In Memory of J.B. Milano

Soft Tacos Come to Charlotte

I was in high school in the late 1950's when we were first introduced to Mexican Crunchy Tacos. There were only a handful of “South of the Border” restaurants in North Carolina. For some reason the crunchy corn Tacos were well received, but the Soft Taco were rejected as uncooked because we were use to bread being cooked brown or done. Anyway a family from Mexico settled in Charlotte and opened a restaurant that specialized in Mexican dishes. John Milano and I had been boy hood buddy's from the third grade on. Due to financial straits we did a lot of double dating to save money. One Friday night one of our dates ask if we had ever had Mexican food? We all answered no. Well one who liked to eat I was excited to try it. The rest came on board and we headed to the restaurant. On the menu were corn Tacos and soft Tacos. Never hearing of a soft Taco we decided to give them a try. Within minutes a platter of (Soft Tacos) were brought to our table with crunchy corn chips and a spicy tomato sauce dip. Well we all took on look at these uncooked soft tacos and called the waiter to send them back because they were raw. He did his very best in broke English to explain that they were cooked and we in our southern English told him he was full of crap. We ended up with a platter of corn Tacos and had a very good meal. It wasn't until some twenty years later in Dallas Texas that I discovered how good soft tacos were. As far I know John never had a soft taco.