In Memory of J.B. Milano


Another Fine Mess

A couple of blocks closer to town was an older neighborhood with stately homes with long driveways. One such resident was Doctor Bell and his wife that never had any children. We kids would ride up to the house and spend time with the doctors wife, she liked to bake and make cookies and cakes which was a drawing card for us. Mrs. Bell had a greenhouse and raised orchids and other exotic flowers and several gardens on the property. She would ask us boys to help her clean the weeds and brush up in the gardens in exchange for the cookies and cakes. Fall came and John Milano my best buddy and I with several others were at her house bright and early Saturday morning. Mrs. Bell greeted us and led us to an old garden that she hadn't used in several years and ask us to clean it removing the old weeds and dead stuff so she could prepare the area for winter vegetable garden. We boys went to work raking a big pile of weeds and dead stuff. Mrs. Bell took her kerosene can and paper and lit the side of the pile on fire. We stood around watching it burn and a funny sweet smell of smoke came from the fire. Within a few minutes all of us and Mrs. Bell were laughing even her cats were acting crazy. Doctor Bell came outside hearing us yelling and laughing to see what all the commotion was about. Within in minutes he got us out of the garden area and back to house. We really dug into the cookies along with Mrs. Bell. I don't how long we were there before we went home. I didn't think anything about the incident at the time, but later I realized that we had burned someones pot garden hidden in all those weeds. The good doctor recognized the smell and got us out of there. I can only chuckle when I think about the pot farmer sneaking through woods to his crop only to find it gone.