In Memory of J.B. Milano

Mr. McCrary Takes one for the Team

One hot summer afternoon we baseball junkies were playing baseball on the upper field at Park Road Elementary School. The McCrary family lived across street from the field and Mr. McCrary had come over to watch the game. Don McCrary his oldest son had come to bat and he was shouting encouragements to knock it out of the park. Don inspired by his dad go hold of one and it went deep in left field where John Milano caught up to it as rolled on the ground. He threw it as hard as he could and Don Kelley playing short stop caught it and threw to home plate for the tag out. Bobby Corey catching jumped as high as he could to grab the ball, but the ball sailed over his mit and Mr. McCray was standing and shouting at Don to run. He never saw the ball coming and it hit him between his eyes and he went down like a ton bricks face first into the dirt. We all froze for a second and went running to Mr. McCray. He slowly began to shake his head as Don was screaming at him to get up! Within a few minutes he was sitting up with a goose egg between his eyes with a bloody nose. Don and Bobby Corey with several others got him to his feet and helped him home. We didn't see a sign of him for several weeks as he mended his wounds. The next visit he made to watch us play ball he wore a catchers mitt that he bought at Sears and Roebuck.